Automatix2 Installation Process

Regarding my previous post criticizing Automatix2, I agreed to install Automatix2 on my system and see the effects. I'm going to be updating this post continuously as it installs.

Install process log:

  1. Downloaded .deb from
  2. Installed with GDebi
  3. Automatix2 started from Apps > System Tools > Automatix2
  4. About dialog opens, clicked OK
  5. Checked some software to install, including some that were config modifications
  6. Clicked Start
  7. A terminal window with ...

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Automatix Alternatives

After installing Ubuntu, you may want some easy way to get codecs, Flash, and Java, along with other essentials. However, many people will tell you to use some program called "Automatix." To start off, let's get the definition from our friendly IRC bot at freenode:

Automatix2 is a script that tries to install some software, and often fails and breaks systems. We don't provide support for it, and ...

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Ubuntu Studio 7.04 released

Ubuntu Studio

We reported on Ubuntu Studio, the Ubutntu variant for a while back and now the team have announced that the first release, Ubuntu Studio 7.04 is now available.

UbuntuStudio,org is now open for business!! Yes all you crazy kids its time. Come on in and get it. :)

We thank so many people for their help in all of this. Mark S, the Ubuntu core team, MOTU, the kernel ...

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Installing MythTV on Ubuntu Edgy

MythTV is an open source personal video recorder solution which allows you to record programmes from your TV and has an array of advanced features. Put simply, MythTV is the ultimate Linux media centre box.

Getting it set up however isn't always easy. You could use a custom MythTV Linux distribution like KnoppMyth, but if you've already got your Linux box set up, you may wish to just ...

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