Automatix2 Installation Process

Regarding my previous post criticizing Automatix2, I agreed to install Automatix2 on my system and see the effects. I'm going to be updating this post continuously as it installs.

Install process log:

  1. Downloaded .deb from
  2. Installed with GDebi
  3. Automatix2 started from Apps > System Tools > Automatix2
  4. About dialog opens, clicked OK
  5. Checked some software to install, including some that were config modifications
  6. Clicked Start
  7. A terminal window with a progress bar opened
  8. Ax2 begins to download and install Opera from a 3rd-party repository
  9. Ax2 downloads and installs Wine from a 3rd-party repo, even though I already have the latest version of Wine installed
  10. Alert dialog pops up, already I can see the process requires attention; not automated
  11. Winecfg opens, clicked OK
  12. Begins to install unzip tools from the official repository
  13. Installs sbackup, official
  14. Beagle, official
  15. gFTP, but already installed, so no action taken
  16. glipper, official
  17. clamav, official, but did not install. Sub-process error code 1.
  18. liferea, already installed, aborts
  19. Installs cracklib and other various encryption tools
  20. Installs debian menu from official
  21. Installs the SLAB from official
  22. Another confirmation dialog about NTFS and FAT32 mounts, clicked Yes
  23. Another repository refresh
  24. Installs ntfstools
  25. Yet another alert: need to restart computer when finished
  26. Removes my install of totem-gstreamer (!) and installs totem-xine
  27. Installs checkgmail from official
  28. Installs alien and RPM tools from official
  29. Downloads an RPM (!) for realplayer
  30. Installs an RPM for lightscribe
  31. Installs ndiswrapper + GUI from official repo
  32. Installs w32codecs, 3rd-party, no repository
  33. Installs DVD codecs, although already installed
  34. Installs Flash9 from Adobe, but I already have it
  35. Removed Ubuntu Restricted Extras and my own copy of Flash (hey!)
  36. Installed MPlayer and plugins for Firefox
  37. Removed Totem for Firefox
  38. Installed various gaim plugins, note that Automatix does not have Pidgin
  39. Installed some Perl repositories
  40. Reloaded repository list again
  41. Installed some DVD ripping tools
  42. More alerts: Streamripper needs to be closed after you open it, please stand by
  43. I pet the dog (still awake?)
  44. Streamtuner opened, I closed it
  45. Automatix2 opens back up, 2 fatal errors: Swiftfox not available, GNOME Security Suite, although no mention of ClamAV fail

I closed Ax2, and began to look around my system. My media menu is pretty cluttered, although I probably selected those options. Nothing seems broken in Synaptic, so it seems for the most part the installation was successful. Here are some things I want to note about the installation:
  • It was not automated, and required me to stand by my laptop as it downloaded and installed software
  • I now have duplicate copies of Wine & some DVD tools
  • It reloaded the repositories many times during the installation.
  • It failed to install ClamAV, but it did not report it as an error in the end.
  • It did do each task that successfully completed right, the applications all opened correctly when it was done.
  • It added some KDE libraries, and for some reason installed the KDE help system even though I specifically told it not to.
  • It opened a terminal window for most tasks, something that new users probably don't like to see.
  • It used 3rd party repositories for tasks that would have sufficed with the official.
Overall, I still stand by my decision, and while Ax2 does do some nice things, it also installs some software and configuration that can make your system feel bloated.

I'm probably going to reinstall from a Feisty CD after this rather than try to remove everything it installed and changed.. I'm not sure I like the configuration it made.

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Discussion: Automatix2 Installation Process

  1. dave (guest)

    # Posted on 13 May 2007 at 12:42 PM

    here is great guide for automatix2

  2. Chris (guest)

    # Posted on 13 May 2007 at 02:54 PM

    For most non-geeks though, this doesn't matter. I think the line that basically made the point of this article the most obvious was this:

    "I’m not sure I like the configuration it made."

    Did it install the majority of the software? Was it usable? yes, and yes. Your average Joe user is not going to care at all about the configuration or anything, they care about the software! They're used to bloat! Linux, if it wants to own the desktop, needs to take itself off the high horse and stop catering to the geek first and the user second. Granted, Ubuntu has made huge (insanely massive) progress, but software installation is one area that needs a serious rethink.

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