Try out the Metacity compositor

Peter told you how to quickly set desktop effects in KDE with the press of a button if you're using KWin. A similar trick is available for GNOME's Metacity.

First, you'll need to be using Metacity, and not Compiz. Yes, Metacity has compositing.

Metacity's compositor can be turned on in GConf, but for the enlightened, it's an Alt+F2 and a command away:

metacity -c ...

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Install Ubuntu on your USB Drive

Ubuntu logo

Did you know that is ridiculously simple to install Ubuntu onto an external USB flash drive?

If you have a copy of the latest version of Ubuntu (at the time of writing that is 8.10), there is a very simple program that does it all for you.

You will need:

  • An Ubuntu 8.10 CD (or ISO image if already installed)
  • A USB drive with at least 700-800 MB ...

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Neverball and Neverputt

It's been some time since the last Games post here at FOSSwire. Free software isn't all work and no play, right?

We have briefly mentioned both subjects of this Games post before, in a round-up of 13 great open source games, but never in much detail.


First of all, to Neverball.

Neverball Splash

If you've ever played a certain game containing the words Ball, Monkey and Super, but ...

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Opening Up Video on the Web - Is it Possible?

Film strip image - by dpade1337 on Flickr

The web works because of open standards. It doesn't matter whether you're reading this on a Firefox on Linux, Opera Mini on a BlackBerry, IE on Windows, or even (possibly with a few issues) WorldWideWeb on NEXTSTEP. You can still read this content, because all of the protocols and languages used to encode and deliver this content to you are open standards.

For text and images, this pretty ...

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