Suspending Compiz

There are times when you find a game that for some reason just doesn't work well with Compiz. It may flicker over other windows, become distorted, or it may crash. The real fix for these comes in new X.Org drivers in the works, but for now the best solution is to suspend Compiz while you run a game.

Let's think of a way to do this. First ...

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Do a MySQL backup from a PHP script

In today's FOSSwire programming special, I'm going to be showing you how to build a script in PHP that will allow you to back up your MySQL database remotely, using just a web browser.

Why might you need such a script? Well, remote backup through a web browser could be very useful, as you will be able to do it from any machine with a web browser, where ...

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C++: Variables and Functions

If you haven't read the previous tutorial, we highly recommend you do so. Otherwise, you might miss important concepts used here.

Go ahead and fire up a text editor, and begin reading and typing. The meat of this tutorial is in the comments. Remember, try typing it out instead of copying and pasting. This way you will be able to remember by doing instead of by reading.


/* First ...

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