GNOME 2.24 Released

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A major update to the one of the free software world's most popular desktop environment, GNOME has been released.

The new version bumps GNOME to 2.24 and this new release boasts some significant new features and updates many core GNOME applications to new versions. Read the release notes.

Among the new additions is a brand new instant messaging client called Empathy, a new release of VoIP client Ekiga ...

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Debugging with Nemiver

You're writing some C code that you just managed to compile. You are able to get it to build without errors, and you're ready to run. But then, something disastrous happens:

$ gcc main.c -o out
$ ./out
Segmentation fault

Great. Your application dies without so much as an explanation as to why. Nobody likes to debug code, but it has to be done at some point. If you ...

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Twitux - a GNOME Twitter client

Microblogging service Twitter is ever popular, and is a great way for keeping in contact with your friends in real time and seeing what they are up to. What makes Twitter what it is though, is the ability to update your status and receive messages on all sorts of devices, as well as the web interface.

Twitux is a native GTK/Gnome client for Twitter.

It is now apparently in ...

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