Video screen capture in Linux with recordMyDesktop

Peter gives you a brief taster of how to use screen capture program recordMyDesktop, and its graphical cousin gtk-recordMyDesktop, to make videos from what is happening on your screen.

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Leafpad - a minimal GTK text editor

Simplicity is a wonderful thing sometimes. Leafpad is designed to be just that, simple. It is designed as a plain text editor.

The interface is also very basic, and I must say, somewhat reminiscent of Notepad on Windows.

Leafpad interface screenshot

It certainly doesn't get in your way - there isn't even a toolbar, as the number of options on the menus is small enough that you don't really need one ...

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GTK dialog boxes from shell scripts

Well, Peter showed you how to do it in KDE, so now I'll show you how to make GTK dialogs using a little program called Zenity.

It runs in a similar manner to kdialog:

zenity --info --text="FOSSwire is Awesome."


As you can see, it is fairly similar to KDialog in execution. The only main differences are the syntax of the command and the GTK backend. Zenity supports all ...

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