Stallman on Gates, and Free Software

Richard Stallman

Free Software Foundation chairman and all around computer freedom guru Richard Stallman has written an article for the BBC entitled 'It's not the Gates, it's the bars'.

But Gates didn't invent proprietary software, and thousands of other companies do the same thing. It's wrong, no matter who does it.

Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, and the rest, offer you software that gives them power over you. A change ...

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gNewSense 2.0 Released

gNewSense logo

FSF-sponsored GNU/Linux distribution gNewSense has recently been updated to version 2.0. The release announcement states:

I've just released the LiveCD for gNewSense 2.0, the first full release of DeltaH.
This is less than a week after Hardy was released.

All bugs reported since the 1.9 beta have been addressed. Thank you to everyone who reported bugs, they were useful in making this release better.

For ...

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More advanced wget usage

I recently covered how to make a mirror of a website with GNU's wget command line program and in the comments of that post there were several suggestions for more advanced options which allow you to control your downloading further.

So I've decided to follow up on that post and look at some of the more advanced options that wget offers the user.

No parent option

If you ...

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