Possible Beryl/Compiz Merger

In a recent mailing list posting, Quinn Storm, the lead developer of Beryl, stated a possibility of a Beryl/Compiz merge in the future if both projects want to cooperate.

In a nutshell, Storm's ideas were to:

  • Merge the two projects into one, community project
  • Come up with a third name for the merge
  • If the merge is unsuccessful, re-fork back into Beryl.
The only problem I can see ...

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Ubuntu 7.04 and GNOME 2.17: Visible Changes

The release of Ubuntu 7.04, named Feisty Fawn, is scheduled for release in April. Herd (Alpha) 2 was recently released, but no one seems to know what has changed. I took a look into the system and found some very interesting changes relating to the GUI and GNOME 2.17. (GNOME 2.17 will be released as GNOME 2.18.)

The first change I found was the addition of ...

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