Diversity in FOSS - help or hinderance?

One feature of the free software/open source development model that is largely unique and differs from the proprietary model is sheer diversity.

For any one particular task, there might be several different implementations. Looking for a graphical email client? You've got Kmail, Evolution, Thunderbird; the list could go on. These programs might all bascially do the same thing, yet you've got three different projects with three different ...

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Installing PHP for Lighttpd on Linux

So you've got your very own Lighttpd server up and running as per this tutorial, but you want to serve a little more than just static content.

PHP is the obvious choice here - it is by far the most popular solution for dynamic content and is almost ubiquitous in the FOSS world. So how do we get Lighttpd to serve PHP content?

In this tutorial I'm going to ...

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Make a zip archive from the command line

There's only really one universally interchangeable archiving and compression format that works across all major platforms, and that's the Zip format. Like it or not, that's what you are stuck with using if you need to exchange files with other operating systems.

Creating a Zip archive using a GUI is usually a very simple process which involves right-clicking a group of files or a folder and choosing ...

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XChat fun with Festival!

If you use xchat, you wan't to try this!

$ sudo aptitude install festival festvox-kallpc16k

get this simple script
$ cd ~/.xchat2 && wget http://vorian.org/sayit2.py

go under your xchat tab > load plugin or script > places: .xchat2 > sayit2.py and load it!
enjoy (the script will cause your computer to speak only when someone triggers a highlight)

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