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So, that proprietary 3D graphics driver you installed is now causing you some problems, so you got rid of it. But there's a problem. Your KDE 4 installation had those fancy desktop effects enabled, which now aren't working. Instead of a KDE desktop, you have a nice white screen.

There is an easy keyboard shortcut you can use from within KDE to quickly toggle the desktop effects on and off if you have a problem with them which causes KDE to be unusable.

Simply press Alt-Shift-F12.

Note that this only toggles the setting for that session only. If you want to turn the setting permanently off, you must then go into System Settings > Desktop > Desktop Effects.

I haven't verified this tip in KDE 3, but it may well work. Please do post a comment if you can confirm or deny this.

UPDATE: that would be F12, not F2. Sorry! Thanks to Karper for pointing that out.

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Discussion: KDE 4 Tip - Quickly Disable Desktop Effects

  1. Karper (guest)

    # Posted on 27 January 2009 at 01:20 AM

    F12, It's Alt+Shift+F12, not F2.

  2. # Posted on 07 February 2009 at 02:42 AM

    [...] told you how to quickly set desktop effects in KDE with the press of a button if you’re using KWin. A similar trick is available for [...]

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