Simplify GRUB tweaks with Startup Manager

  • November 3, 2008
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Tired of manually tweaking your GRUB menu.lst to add a new system, or even just change the theme, only to have your system not boot because you made a typo? Well, those days are over, or they can be, with Startup Manager.

Startup Manager, for Debian or a derivative (such as Ubuntu), allows you to load your GRUB menu into a simplified interface to edit, and then save it back when you are done.

Every option known to GRUB (and update-grub) appears to be available in this application. That includes everything from passwords, timeouts, and kernel limits, to colors, themes, and boot resolutions. As an added bonus, the bootup usplash theme can be edited.

That's all there is to it. The advantage of using a graphical interface for tasks such as this means that it impossible (hopefully!) to make a typo or syntax error in the file and have to boot into a CD to rescue the system. However, in the event that you do mess something up, Startup Manager also offers an option to create a rescue floppy. Sorry, no rescue CD, but for something like that you might try out the Ultimate Boot CD.

Just another application to make your life easier.

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