gNewSense 2.0 Released

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FSF-sponsored GNU/Linux distribution gNewSense has recently been updated to version 2.0. The release announcement states:

I've just released the LiveCD for gNewSense 2.0, the first full release of DeltaH.
This is less than a week after Hardy was released.

All bugs reported since the 1.9 beta have been addressed. Thank you to everyone who reported bugs, they were useful in making this release better.

For those not already in the know, gNewSense is a distribution based upon Ubuntu. The aim of the distro is to strip Ubuntu of all non-free software components and offer a completely 'pure' free software distribution to those who wish for it. This new 2.0 release is based upon the recent Ubuntu Hardy Heron version, as the announcement states.

Other than the removal of non-free components, and lack of Ubuntu branding, there isn't an awful lot of difference between gNewSense and the distro it is derived from. Nevertheless, for people looking for a complete operating system that has no proprietary components, gNewSense offers this with the same ease of installation and use as Ubuntu.

You can download the new gNewSense release using the available torrents, or download normally using a mirror.

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