Celtx, digital media pre-production tool, reaches 1.0

Celtx logoThe popular open source media pre-production tool Celtx has reached the 1.0 milestone.  Popular for its screenplay-writing, scheduling, and budgeting tools, Celtx has been in a lengthy beta for over 2 years.  Used extensively by independent film producers in a number of language, Celtx, based on Mozilla's XUL framework, has long been an integral member of the open source media toolkit.

Enhancements in this version, other than the typical round of bug fixes, include:

  • Enhancements to the scheduler (which is based on Mozilla's Sunbird utility), such as the ability to generate more diverse reports
  • The introduction of a new "Catalogs" feature, which will help users easily digest the vast amounts of interconnected information in their .celtx projects.
  • A redesigned sidebar, now offering tabbed navigation between its three modes.
  • A whole host of new features contained witin the storyboarding functionality
  • The new ability to convert the format of a Celtx project (e.g. from Film to Radio Play to Theatre)
  • An interface for Apple's iPhone (for reading scripts)
Celtx 1.0 is currently available in nine languages (many other languages are available for version 0.997) and is available for download at the Celtx website.

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    [...] Celtx, the open source media pre-production and screenwriting application, finally earned its 1.0 status this past June. So it might seem a little odd that only eight months later, Celtx is making the jump to 2.0 (and [...]

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