Fedora 9 Installation Troubles

  • May 17, 2008
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I've been trying fruitlessly for the past few days trying to install Fedora 9 from the official i386 install DVD. The SHA1 sum validated fine, and I burned it to a new DVD-R disc.

On inserting it into the machine I was planning to install on, and then post my impressions here on FOSSwire from, I received two errors. The system boots from the isolinux menu without a problem, and works right up until you select to install from your CD/DVD media.

Initially, I kept being asked for a driver from a driver floppy. There was no specific information as to what driver it was searching for, and I was stumped as Fedora 8 previously installed without a problem on the same hardware.

Later, this no longer appeared, but instead I got this:

Fedora 9 Install Fail

If anyone out there in the community has experienced this issue too, I'd be extremely grateful if they would let me know. Also, any potential solutions to the problem would be a great help.

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