Fedora 9 Installation Troubles

I've been trying fruitlessly for the past few days trying to install Fedora 9 from the official i386 install DVD. The SHA1 sum validated fine, and I burned it to a new DVD-R disc.

On inserting it into the machine I was planning to install on, and then post my impressions here on FOSSwire from, I received two errors. The system boots from the isolinux menu without a problem, and works right up until you select to install from your CD/DVD media.

Initially, I kept being asked for a driver from a driver floppy. There was no specific information as to what driver it was searching for, and I was stumped as Fedora 8 previously installed without a problem on the same hardware.

Later, this no longer appeared, but instead I got this:

Fedora 9 Install Fail

If anyone out there in the community has experienced this issue too, I'd be extremely grateful if they would let me know. Also, any potential solutions to the problem would be a great help.

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Peter Upfold is a technology enthusiast from the UK. Peter’s interest in Linux stems back to 2003, when curiosity got the better of him and he began using SUSE 9.0. Now he runs Linux Mint 9 on the desktop, runs a CentOS-based web server from home for his personal website and dabbles in all sorts of technology things across the Windows, Mac and open source worlds.

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Discussion: Fedora 9 Installation Troubles

  1. bart (guest)

    # Posted on 17 May 2008 at 06:10 PM

    I've had a similar issue last year on my (back then) new computer, and it happened with every distro I used, except Ubuntu. I did manage once to get Suse working though. The problem appeared to be the controller for my DVD-rom. The software for it had to be manually loaded. Perhaps it is a similar problem. If you get the option to load your drivers manually, I'd try it that way, ofcourse, try to find out what hardware you have first.

    good luck

  2. John Bailey (guest)

    # Posted on 18 May 2008 at 05:57 AM

    Fedora since F7 can be a little fussy about DVD drives. The F7 live CD didn't even boot properly when I was using my Pioneer DVDRW drive, but I had an old LG DVDROM drive that now works perfectly. Could be a similar thing here. Especially as it was unable to find the disk, which was the same error I got.

  3. Binny V A (guest)

    # Posted on 20 May 2008 at 05:04 PM

    I installed Fedora 9 yesterday - I did not get this error. Still, I did not like the latest Fedora - KDE4 is too 'alpha' for me.

  4. italpa (guest)

    # Posted on 26 May 2008 at 04:41 PM

    I had a similar problem as N.1 (bart). The screen froze after installing files, using either drive LG or Philips. I was obliged to come back to Fedora 8 that works superbly

  5. Peter (guest)

    # Posted on 27 May 2008 at 07:26 AM

    I imagine it is a DVD drive issue then - for the record, I have a NEC DVD+-RW drive (can't pull up the exact product information right now, but it might help someone else with this drive).

  6. Dave (guest)

    # Posted on 30 July 2008 at 03:07 AM

    Same as original post tried several times and nada. Guess I'll stay with 8

  7. JC (guest)

    # Posted on 31 July 2008 at 05:01 AM

    Use Hard Disk Insatllation

    Step 1:

  8. jatin (guest)

    # Posted on 01 January 2009 at 07:03 PM

    hey i got a problem installing fedo9 it froze in installation process while it was installing the squid tool i had 2 restart computer and got such problems again

    can sumbuddy hlp??

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