Dusting Off the Archives - Linux terminology jargon buster

With the upcoming release of Ubuntu Hardy Heron, it's likely there will be an influx of complete Linux newbies that are trying the operating system (in its shiny, new Ubuntu incarnation) for the first time.

Just under a year ago, I put together a Linux terminology jargon buster, designed to explain some of these new Linux terms to those who are just starting out. That post is still very relevant a year on, so why not take a look at it?


Commonly known as ‘distro’, a distribution is a complete set of all the software you need to make up a working operating system. There are many Linux distributions you can try out - some of the more popular are Ubuntu, openSUSE and Fedora.

Desktop environment

A collection of graphical programs that work well together. For example, your file manager and your browser might be part of your desktop environment. The most common desktop environments are GNOME and KDE.


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