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FOSSwire has been around since October 2006. That means we've got a pretty impressive (if I do say so myself) back catalogue of posts on all sorts of FOSS and Linux related things.

You can search our archives by using the Google-powered search box on the homepage, but what if you'd like even closer access to our posts from any site? Well, now you can add FOSSwire to your browser's search bar (in any browser that supports OpenSearch, including Firefox 2 and later).

Simply click the search drop-down, and choose to add the FOSSwire Archive Search.

Adding FOSSwire to your search box

Now, you can select it anywhere you are on the web to do a quick search of our archives, or even keep it at the top always, for the closest access to FOSSwire currently possible!

FOSSwire Search Box in Firefox 2

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Peter Upfold is a technology enthusiast from the UK. Peter’s interest in Linux stems back to 2003, when curiosity got the better of him and he began using SUSE 9.0. Now he runs Linux Mint 9 on the desktop, runs a CentOS-based web server from home for his personal website and dabbles in all sorts of technology things across the Windows, Mac and open source worlds.

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Discussion: Add FOSSwire to your browser search bar

  1. ogosense (guest)

    # Posted on 09 April 2008 at 01:27 PM

    Very convenient and great idea! I'm sure I'll find it useful.

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