Have a global menu bar at the top in KDE

Most modern graphical user interfaces place menubars underneath the title bar of each window. This approach works well for most people, but there is another concept that is often used.

The most obvious and memorable implementation is in Apple's Mac OS system. What am I talking about? Well, putting one global menu bar at the top of the window; the context of which changes depending on which application is focused.

You might not realise it, but KDE has had this functionality built in to it for quite some time. Enable the right setting, and all KDE applications will share a global menu bar at the top.

It's worth mentioning at this point that it only works for KDE apps, so anything such as Firefox or another application which uses GTK or another toolkit won't have this feature, which will lead to inconsistency.

To enable the feature, right-click anywhere on your KDE desktop and choose Configure Desktop. In the resulting window, click Behaviour on the left, then make sure the General tab is selected.

KDE global menu bar enable screenshot

From there, click Current application's menu bar (Mac OS-style) and click OK. That's it - to reverse the setting, simply choose None in the same dialogue.

Just before I go, I should mention that at the present time there is a project to build in similar support for GNOME/GTK. Its website can be found here, however currently it involves manually patching bits of software and isn't nearly as simple to achieve.

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