KDE 4 released

The KDE Project has announced the official release of KDE 4.0.

The KDE Community is thrilled to announce the immediate availability of KDE 4.0. This significant release marks both the end of the long and intensive development cycle leading up to KDE 4.0 and the beginning of the KDE 4 era.

KDE 4 screenshot

KDE 4 is definitely a major milestone in KDE's history. New to version 4.0 are many new libraries, which help modernise the desktop and will bring more features and functionality that are usable by all KDE applications. KDE 4.0 also features many new applications, including Dolphin, a dedicated file management application and major updates to many of the existing applications.

While the new release is now stable and ready for use, the next few minor versions will see more polish added and things stabilising further.

If you're looking to play with KDE 4 right now, you might want to wait a bit longer yet. Most distributions won't be shipping it until at least the next major version of the distro, or in some cases the version after that. There are, however, a list of distributions that do have packages, and some live CDs on the announcement page.

I'll be looking at the new release in more detail probably a bit later on, but for now feel free to check out the official visual guide .

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Discussion: KDE 4 released

  1. Vlad Gerasimov (guest)

    # Posted on 12 January 2008 at 10:19 AM

    Hi, I am the author of new default KDE4 wallpaper, I wanted to let you know you can download it separately in many color variations from http://www.vladstudio.com/wallpapers/?keyword=eos Thanks!

  2. Ubuntu For Free (guest)

    # Posted on 13 January 2008 at 06:21 PM

    I think you need to go ahead and suggest that everyone SHOULD play with it. Please try to play with it via a livecd or in a virtual host environment. it's important for the progress and development that we do try it out. play with it.

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