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There are quite a few open source packages for wikis out there. Quite a popular choice is MediaWiki, the same software that runs Wikipedia and its sister sites, along with many other popular wikis out there.

However, today I'm going to focus on something a bit... well, lighter.

DokuWiki is a GPL 2-licensed, PHP-based wiki system. As the name suggests, it is slightly focused towards documentation, although of course can be used for any purpose.

Unlike many wikis, DokuWiki uses no database and instead works with flat files. This approach has advantages and disadvantages compared to using a database to store information. On the positive side, it means you don't have to have any specific hosting requirements, and DokuWiki will run anywhere that PHP will (often ven on low-end shared hosting packages). The downside is that it can be slightly sluggish at times, although it makes good use of a caching system to avoid most slowdowns for when you're not logged in.

Despite this, it has an array of features, including (of course) full version history and revision support, diff-style change comparisons, namespaces, powerful access control lists and more.

Personally, I find Dokuwiki very useful - especially for applications where you don't want or need the complexity of a system like MediaWiki. I use it for a documentation wiki for my small open source scripts on my site, and it works for that purpose well. Admittedly, I haven't tried it out in a situation with lots of users and changes, but if you've got a small site which could use a wiki-based site, I would recommend DokuWiki.

DokuWiki is free under the GPL, runs anywhere PHP does and can be downloaded from the official site.

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Peter Upfold is a technology enthusiast from the UK. Peter’s interest in Linux stems back to 2003, when curiosity got the better of him and he began using SUSE 9.0. Now he runs Linux Mint 9 on the desktop, runs a CentOS-based web server from home for his personal website and dabbles in all sorts of technology things across the Windows, Mac and open source worlds.

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Discussion: DokuWiki - a free software wiki system

  1. RJ Regenold (guest)

    # Posted on 27 January 2008 at 12:24 PM

    For an easy to install, self-contained version, check out .

  2. Diego (guest)

    # Posted on 27 January 2008 at 02:06 PM

    pmwiki seems to be the same. A wiki without a Database. I really like how pmwiki is programmed becouse it is minded to be simple, also a plugin to use a database can be made are maybe is already made.

  3. Diego (guest)

    # Posted on 27 January 2008 at 02:10 PM

    What i have not seen on any of this wikis is the ability to attach real forum-like comments to a wikipage, all adds the comments to the same wikipage, modifying it.

  4. # Posted on 28 January 2008 at 01:31 AM

    <strong>Story added...</strong>

    This story has been submitted to! If you think this story should be read by the free software community, come vote it up and discuss it here:

  5. motif (guest)

    # Posted on 05 March 2008 at 10:20 AM

    I have a bunch of dokuwiki formatted files and I want them to be uploaded into the dokuwiki server. Does anybody know if dokuwiki allows this?


  6. federicoselero (guest)

    # Posted on 30 April 2009 at 02:32 PM

    Can you disbosom oneself me who did your layout? I’ve been looking suited for anybody type of like yours. Thank you. By.

  7. motopolis (guest)

    # Posted on 05 January 2011 at 08:52 PM

    Спасибо ;)

  8. golubevod (guest)

    # Posted on 07 January 2011 at 03:26 AM

    Все хорошо расписано!

  9. gunsvd (guest)

    # Posted on 07 January 2011 at 08:54 PM

    Автор, Вы достойны уважения!

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