• December 12, 2007
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You'll have to forgive me, this is the second game review I've done in the past two days, after yesterday's look at Battle Tanks. After discovering this gem though, I simply couldn't not share.

The game is Wormux - and it is basically a clone of the Worms series of games originally by Team17. For those who aren't in the know, Wormux (and the Worms game) put you in control of a team of worms armed to the teeth with an arsenal of weapons. The aim of the game is to use those weapons against worms of the enemy team. Each worm has a set amount of energy, and being shot at, blown up etc. will reduce that energy until that worm dies (or if you can get a worm to go for a swim or fly off the edge of the map, it's instant death). The last team standing wins. It is turn-based, so while your team is in control, everyone else stands still for you to take a potshot at.

Wormux makes a formidable clone of the original series. It has an impressive set of weapons 'inspired' by the series, plus some extra ones that you won't have seen before. It doesn't copy directly in every way, however, and has a distinct free software spin to it. Instead of the same old plain worms, for example, the different teams that ship with the game are themed - so there are Tux penguins, PHP elephants, KDE dragons and so forth. This adds a unique Linux and free software spin to it, and keeps things interesting.

Wormux screenshot

Gameplay is spot on. It manages to be simple, yet almost endlessly fun. The game is best played hot-seat with other human players, where you each pick a team and take it in turns to blow each other's worms up.

The game is very stable and seems to work very well, although again it does need 3D acceleration, so without it you might struggle to get it at playable framerates. Also, the screen scrolling system, where you move the mouse to the edges of the screen to move the camera around can be a slight problem if you 'get lost' and can't find the currently active worm.

Despite these minor issues, I am absolutely in love with Wormux right now. If you can't play the real Worms games, then this is, in my opinion, the absolute next best thing. Highly recommended.

Wormux is cross-platform and can binaries for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and FreeBSD as well as source code downloaded from the download page. The Linux static binary can be downloaded from there, but install using your package manager if you can for the easiest installation.

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