PiTiVi 0.11.0: The Beginning

Dive into PiTiVi 0.11.0. We test some new features in this release, such as basic cutting. There are a few bugs, but this has a bright future in store.
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Discussion: PiTiVi 0.11.0: The Beginning

  1. Edward Hervey (guest)

    # Posted on 02 December 2007 at 05:01 AM

    Nice demo, I've always wanted to do some of those to show the new features, maybe for the next release !

    Most of those bugs you're getting are in fact issues that have been fixed in various gstreamer plugins. I'm trying hard to push for new releases of the various plugins, including a new gst-ffmpeg next week. It is highly recommended to have all latest releases of gstreamer+plugins to fully enjoy PiTiVi.

    Glad to see also you put the emphasis on it being beta, some people tend to forget that.

    Stay tuned, and don't hesitate to report your issues/bugs !

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