QtEmu - another graphical Qemu launcher

A week ago, Jacob looked at GTK-based Qemu Launcher for providing a graphical frontend to starting open source virtualisation solution Qemu.

QtEmu screenshot

It is pretty comprehensive and has a GUI for creating new Qemu virtual machines and running existing ones. If you're not particularly a fan of meddling with the command line all the time, but still want to use Qemu as your virtualisation solution, QtEmu is an invaluable tool.

It does differ slightly in the way it works from previously covered Qemu Launcher and it does appear less cluttered and more like the interface of commercial solutions such as VMware.

For example, the VM detail screen has a start and stop button near the top and then individual section buttons below which allow you to change individual VM settings, like the RAM allocated to it, the hard drive and other resources allocated to the virtual machine in question.

QtEmu VM detail screenshot

If you prefer this interface to that of Qemu Launcher, want an alternative, or if you're a KDE user, you might want to give QtEmu a try!

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Discussion: QtEmu - another graphical Qemu launcher

  1. Andrew Min (guest)

    # Posted on 13 November 2007 at 06:08 PM

    If you like QtEmu, you should try VirtualBox. It's a Qt-based tool that has tons of features. It also includes seamless windows for XP or Vista, so you can run your Windows XP programs right on your Linux desktop.

    It's got two licenses: an open source, and a closed-source version with USB and RDP support.


  2. # Posted on 15 November 2007 at 03:47 PM

    [...] Another Qemu launcher Filed under: Linux — 0ddn1x @ 2007-11-15 22:47:41 +0000 http://fosswire.com/2007/11/13/qtemu-another-graphical-qemu-launcher/ [...]

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