jUploadr - upload images to Flickr and Zooomr

Photo sharing services like Flickr and Zooomr are popular as ever. Unfortunately, uploading your photos using the web interfaces often provided can often be a little bit of a painful experience (Zooomr's uploader even crashes Firefox on Linux).

While Jacob has covered Postr, a GNOME program for uploading to Flickr, there are also alternatives, such as jUploadr.

jUploadr screenshot

jUploadr is Java-based and cross platform (Linux users can refer to my recent Java tutorial to get Java). It provides a fairly simple interface where you can drag files onto the main window, then edit the data such as tags, title and so forth before batch uploading.

As I mentioned it supposedly works with both Flickr and Zooomr in theory, but there are ongoing problems and apparently it doesn't work at the moment.

Still, it is a very good batch uploader, works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and is a very good alternative to some of the other uploaders out there. Get Java, then give it a try!

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Discussion: jUploadr - upload images to Flickr and Zooomr

  1. Tom (guest)

    # Posted on 18 October 2007 at 02:30 PM

    I used to use jUploadr, since I jump between my macbook and my ubuntu box a lot and it was nice to be able to use the same tool on either machine. however, i did notice that when I told it to resize my images on upload, the output quality didn't seem to be very good, even if I chose the "higher quality resizing" option. it's a pity, too, since it seems to be a very nice tool otherwise.

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