Can’t Think of a Color Scheme? Agave Can

  • October 25, 2007
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How many times were you sitting in your chair stumped about what colors to use on a website? Or maybe you just want to refresh the look of your desktop with a new color scheme? Perhaps you just need to find the perfect color for that page background.

Whatever you need to do with color, use Agave to do it. In all simplicity, it is a color picker. However, it also generates schemes based on that color and lets you modify the brightness and saturation of the color if it just doesn't feel right.


Got a favorite color you want to save? Just add it to the Favorites list. You can look at that color any time you need some inspiration for a theme. When you find the color you want, just right-click it and Copy to get the hex code.

It's a decent, simple application, and it shows up just in time for a redesign of your site.

Agave can be installed as "agave" in your system's preferred package manager.

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