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Let's face it, for serious gamers who want to play the latest hit titles, Linux isn't really the operating system of choice. That doesn't mean us Linux guys can't have fun and play games, though. There are an impressive array of free and open source games out there though, that might not be quite as graphically polished as their proprietary competitors, but nevertheless can be just as (and sometimes even more) fun.

Finding good Linux games, whether they're community built or commercial offerings, isn't always that easy and that's why maintain a Linux Gamers' Game List. It has 371 games listed at the time of writing.

The list isn't going to be 100% comprehensive, but it's still a good resource to look at if you want to try out some new entertainment, or if you want to know whether a Linux incarnation of a specific title is available.

You can find the list at

Also, if you have any information about a game that they aren't listing, you're encouraged to let them know so they can update the list using the form at the top of the page.

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