GNOME 2.19’s Glossy Theme

By reader demand, we're providing the Glossy theme shown in the last post. Click the image below for a preview.


This theme was extracted from a GNOME 2.19.90 (2.20 beta) install.
It may or may not be finished, but we're providing it here by demand.

Just drop this folder (once extracted) into your ~/.themes directory. Enjoy!

All credits go to the GNOME project, and none to FOSSwire.
We are merely providing a preview download for those who want to try it.

Be sure to check out the final release of GNOME 2.20 as it comes September 19th!


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Discussion: GNOME 2.19’s Glossy Theme

  1. Kadath (guest)

    # Posted on 18 August 2007 at 09:25 PM

    Thanks :)

  2. # Posted on 19 August 2007 at 09:53 AM

    [...] Vía: FOSSwire. [...]

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