Ekiga: The “Duh” VOIP/SIP Software

Today you constantly see people looking for alternatives to Skype, Gizmo, or another service. One that users frequently overlook is Ekiga. It comes with a standard GNOME desktop, but many users never realize its existence. Ekiga has most of the features of Skype and Gizmo, but with the added videoconferencing feature.

It is able to call any SIP number, or another Ekiga.net user directly. Another option lets you even call landlines for a low per-minute fee, though I personally haven't tried it.

Ekiga's interface is one that keeps it simple, but lets you choose a more advanced option if you like. Upon first startup, there is even a wizard to guide you through the setup steps.


So remember, if you need a free VOIP/SIP client, look no further than Applications > Internet > Ekiga (on a standard GNOME desktop).

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Jacob is a web developer, student, and programmer from Ohio. He is a staff member at the Ubuntu Forums and is most likely a fanboy of the distribution. He loves to write in code and words, play video games, and rant about topics most would have abandoned long ago. Jacob uses GNOME and is never seen running stable software, much to the demise of his laptop.

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Discussion: Ekiga: The “Duh” VOIP/SIP Software

  1. ell (guest)

    # Posted on 28 August 2007 at 03:06 AM

    afaik , ekiga stripped out the ilbc(internet low bit rate codec), which is pretty lame on their part, as that codec is very useful for low net speed connections. not to mention the annoying default sound when you dial a number or a sip address, and ekiga.net account somehow sucks, which is the default and more likely the option that new users will go.

    i'm not sure if its frequently overlooked, but i get the feeling that its not just on par from its closed source counterparts with its default settings.

  2. Yannick (guest)

    # Posted on 09 September 2007 at 01:15 AM

    Hi ell,

    You are mistaking about iLBC: The Ekiga team never dropped it. It's your distribution which dropped it; the reason is you can't redistribute it commercially. See this Bug report for Ubuntu (same apply for Debian, I don't know for other distros): https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/ekiga/+bug/64799

    If you download our packages or compile from source you'll get it: http://wiki.ekiga.org/index.php/Linux_Users

    Yeah, that sucks, but please, stop blaming us.

    Ekiga.net sucks, but it's just the default SER ( http://iptel.org/ser/ ) design. We need more man power to improve it. Feel free to help. The incoming Ekiga 3.0 will have built-in registration to ekiga.net solving this issue. See: http://wiki.ekiga.org/index.php/Roadmap_to_3.00#Main_GUI

    Regards, Yannick

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