Welcome to Gobuntu

It's official: the free (as in freedom) edition of Ubuntu has been named Gobuntu.

Mark Shuttleworth describes in his blog:

Thanks to Colin and Evan’s efforts we now have daily images of a freedom-focused flavour of Ubuntu, “Gobuntu”. This is a call for developers who are interested in pushing the limits of content and code freedom - including firmware, content, and authoring infrastructure, to join the team and help identify places where we must separate out pieces that don’t belong in Gobuntu from the standard Ubuntu builds.

Currently, the alpha builds (based off of Ubuntu 7.10) are available, but the only modification is the lack of proprietary hardware drivers.

It seems there are no separate versions for GNOME and KDE (or XFCE, for that matter), but using the repositories you should be able to install either for the time being.

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Jacob is a web developer, student, and programmer from Ohio. He is a staff member at the Ubuntu Forums and is most likely a fanboy of the distribution. He loves to write in code and words, play video games, and rant about topics most would have abandoned long ago. Jacob uses GNOME and is never seen running stable software, much to the demise of his laptop.

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