Sabayon Business Edition 1.0 released

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The team behind alternative Linux distribution Sabayon have announced the release of a 'Business Edition' of their distribution.

Sabayon Linux "Business Edition" is another of our hard work that proof that we do care for people needs:
You love Sabayon Linux and want to use it for working purpouse but you're not interested at all in games or desktop acceleration?
Sabayon Linux is the only distribution that recognize your hardware perfectly but you want something that will make it perfect on your working enviroment?...
Here you go!!!
Sabayon has prepared for you a fast, cheap and stable solution for every "office needs" you might have!!

Sabayon aims to appeal by offering what they claim is the best hardware support of any modern Linux distribution and also does include some proprietary software with the default installation (which may anger purists). Sabayon is based on the Gentoo distribution.

The aim of the Business Edition appears to be to bring the selling points of Sabayon to the same target market as SLED and RHEL Desktop. the office users who need to do basic web browsing, email and office suite tasks.

You can download Sabayon or purchase it on CD via the retailers listed on the initial forum post.

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Discussion: Sabayon Business Edition 1.0 released

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