BBC Trust to meet with Open Source Consortium over iPlayer

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Slashdot is reporting that the BBC Trust are going to be meeting with the Open Source Consortium over the BBC's new on-demand iPlayer video service. The service is currently planned to utilise Microsoft DRM technology, which of course will be a problem for anyone wanting to enjoy the content somewhere other than Windows.

"With the Launch of the BBC's iPlayer imminent, the BBC trust has agreed to hear the Open Source Consortium's concerns regarding the BBC iPlayer's tie in with Microsoft's software. The move by the BBC to use Windows Media DRM & their apparent lack of commitment towards other platforms has caused outrage in many circles and prompted several online petitions."

The BBC have previously been petitioned by free software users and user groups over the decision to utilise Microsoft DRM, which will lock the on-demand video services so that it is only usable by Windows users.

As a public service broadcaster, the BBC pledge "to serve everyone and enrich people's lives" and so it has been argued that by locking people into Windows technologies, the BBC aren't fulfilling this.

The willingness to talk however should be a good sign that the BBC are hopefully treating this concern seriously, and so I do hope that all computer users, regardless of which platform they use, will be able to benefit from the iPlayer service.

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Discussion: BBC Trust to meet with Open Source Consortium over iPlayer

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