Linux - Getting much better with Plug & Play

For some reason today, I was looking through the changelogs of updates before Feisty was released. I noticed wacom-tools was removed from the desktop package as a dependency; probably to save space on the CD.

That made me want to try out my Wacom Graphire 4 tablet again. I was dreading the need to modify my xorg.conf file, but I opened it to find all of the changes already done. Hmm, then why does this tablet not work? Remembering the wacom-tools package from earlier, I installed it and rebooted.

My tablet was instantly recognized and usable, no other configuration needed. This was a major step forward from Edgy, which required you to edit your X configuration.

I'm still puzzled why wacom-tools was removed from the core installation - it's a mere 50 KB. If that was already preinstalled, my tablet would have worked the instant I plugged it in.

Still, it was still pretty darn easy to install the package rather than having to edit all sorts of files.

I drew you FOSSwire readers a pretty picture with it.

FW drawing from tablet

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