Google release Google Desktop for Linux

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Following up from my recent post reporting that Google were planning to release more applications for Linux, it seems we have a new addition to the Google Linux family.

Google Desktop is Google's desktop search solution which has been available for Windows for quite some time and recently also had a Mac version.

Google have a list of the Linux version's features, which include their Quick Search Box, support for popular Linux filetypes, smart indexing and versioning.

It's worth mentioning that Linux already does have a desktop search solution - Beagle, which is, unlike Google Desktop, open source, has been around for a while now and integrates much better with GNOME.

Still, Google Desktop for Linux is definitely worth a try, especially if you're not currently using Beagle. Google Desktop is a free of charge (but not open source) download which should work on most modern distributions.

To install Google Desktop, head to the Download page, choose either the RPM or Deb (depending on your distribution) and then download and install the file (in most distributions you can double-click the file to install it).

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Discussion: Google release Google Desktop for Linux

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