Firefox 3 (Minefield) Gets Pretty Widgets

Hate the ugly form widgets in Firefox 2? Want to stab your eyes out if you see one? Okay, have a

Chances are, if you are using Firefox 2 on Linux or a Mac, you are looking at a gray brick. Yuck.

But there is a way to shield your eyes. The latest (and I mean latest) build has pretty form widgets.

Fx3 Form Widgets

Did I also mention that it passes the Acid2 test and is twice as fast as Firefox 2?

If you are adventurous, go have a download. But please, please, back up your profile directory first, unless you want to lose your data.

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Discussion: Firefox 3 (Minefield) Gets Pretty Widgets

  1. gryphen (guest)

    # Posted on 11 June 2007 at 10:02 PM

    Thank you for posting about the new form widgets. I've been using Firefox with some CSS code hacks in order to better integrate with my Linux desktop.

    I've been using this latest build all day and you're right, it's very fast.

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