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  • May 7, 2007
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A bit late of a posting, but an announcement was made in Ubuntu Dev Announce about a new version of Ubuntu, in addition to the "Free" version:

Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition: designed for mobile devices, possibly Pocket PC or Palm style.

This means we now have:

  • Ubuntu
  • Kubuntu
  • Xubuntu
  • Ubuntu "Free" (no name)
  • Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition
Whether the Mobile and Embedded and Free editions will also have Kubuntu/Xubuntu variants remains to be seen, but the possibility is there and it could happen.The full announcement for UM&E, which at the time of writing has not made it out of the development list yet onto any official Canonical-sponsored site:
At the heart of the Ubuntu project lies a belief that open source software
and technology can play a key role in enabling individuals to achieve their
potential. A central goal has been the creation of a world-class, free and
open source operating system that we have worked to make accessible across
notebooks, desktops, thin clients and servers.

Three years on, it is clear that new types of device -  small, handheld,
graphical tablets which are Internet-enabled are going to change the way we
communicate and collaborate. These devices place new demands on open source
software and require innovative graphical interfaces, improved power
management and better responsiveness.

Intel, specifically, have announced a new low-power processor and chipset
architecture which will be designed to allow full internet use on these
mobile Internet devices.

To fulfil the aims of our mission and in response to the technical
challenges that these devices pose, we are announcing the Ubuntu Mobile and
Embedded project.

We will start more detailed planning at the Ubuntu Developer Summit next
week in Seville and the first release of this edition will be in October
with Ubuntu 7.10. If you are interested in the project, please get involved.
We will be working through our normal development processes on Launchpad,
the developer mailing lists and IRC.

Finally, we are delighted to be working with Intel on this version of
Ubuntu. Intel are making significant contributions of technology, people and
expertise to the project. We hope that others who are interested in
producing an easy-to-use and open source environment for this class of
device will join us in making this a success.

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