KDE tip - speed up KDE launch time

Here's a really simple but very effective tip for speeding up the time it takes for KDE to start up. How it works is that it prevents KDE from reloading your open windows and settings from the last session, thus speeding up the start-up by loading in a blank session.

To enable the setting first head to the KDE Control Centre (some distros like Kubuntu use a custom settings manager, so press Alt-F2 and type in kcontrol). Head to KDE Components > Session Manager.

Session manager

On this screen, select Start with an empty session from the On login area. Apply that setting.

Your KDE start up time should be a bit quicker now! Beware that if you do want windows from previous sessions to reopen when you log back in, selecting this option will disable this functionality.

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Discussion: KDE tip - speed up KDE launch time

  1. Jerome D. McBride (guest)

    # Posted on 16 May 2007 at 03:57 PM

    Uhhmm... That's it??

    That's a real useful tip there...

  2. Chris (guest)

    # Posted on 17 May 2007 at 06:36 PM

    They're called "tips" as opposed to "tutorials" for a reason. Short, fast, and easy for users who are new to Linux environments and might need a bit of customisation help.

  3. Luke (guest)

    # Posted on 26 August 2009 at 04:13 PM

    Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

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