Linux tip - booting multiple desktop environments

If you just can't choose between GNOME and KDE, or you just want a change of scenery every now and then, it's really easy to install multiple desktop environments and seamlessly switch between them.

It's really easy to install them - just use your distribution's package management system to add your desktop environment of choice.

It's not always clear, however, how you actually go about choosing one to use on a particular login.

First of all log out so that you are back at the standard login screen. You'll need to look for either a Session button or an Options button with a Session on its submenu. If you click on this, you should get a list of choices which looks something like this:

Session choice menu on Ubuntu’s GDM

Simply choose one, and login as normal.

If you're not very experienced with Linux, I'd recommend avoiding the Failsafe ones (they're usually just a terminal in a window). If you do get stuck in one, just type exit and press enter (then log in again after choosing your normal desktop environment from the same menu).

Remember - if you don't get multiple choices, you need to actually install the desktop environment first!

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Discussion: Linux tip - booting multiple desktop environments

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