Dolphin - the new KDE file manager

Ars Technica have an article looking at Dolphin, the proposed new file manager for KDE 4.

Screenshot of Dolphin

From the article:

Dolphin includes several unique usability enhancements that aren't available in Konqueror, KDE's current file manager. In particular, Dolphin features a navigation bar inspired by Thunar and Windows Vista, a bookmark system built around file management rather than web browsing, a more flexible sidebar system, and a less-invasive notification system that doesn't interrupt user work flow.

I have had a play around with Dolphin, and I have to say it does look extremely promising as a file manager and I welcome the new changes for KDE 4. Don't panic if you love the endless configurability and flexibility of Konqueror, though - it isn't going away in KDE 4, it just won't be the default.

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Discussion: Dolphin - the new KDE file manager

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