Possible Beryl/Compiz Merger

In a recent mailing list posting, Quinn Storm, the lead developer of Beryl, stated a possibility of a Beryl/Compiz merge in the future if both projects want to cooperate.

In a nutshell, Storm's ideas were to:

  • Merge the two projects into one, community project
  • Come up with a third name for the merge
  • If the merge is unsuccessful, re-fork back into Beryl.
The only problem I can see with this is the third name. The Compiz developers would probably want to keep the name Compiz as it is. After all, it was Beryl who forked it in the first place, so if they plan to re-merge then you would think they would adopt the Compiz name once again.

This will be an interesting situation in the coming months for both projects. Stay tuned to FOSSwire!

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