FSF release third draft of GPLv3

The Free Software Foundation have just released their third draft of the next version of the most popular free/open source software licence, the GNU General Public Licence.

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) today released the third discussion draft for version 3 of the most widely used free software license, the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL).

Today's draft incorporates the feedback received from the general public, official discussion committees, and two international conferences held in India and Japan. Many significant changes have been made since the previous draft, released in July 2006. In recognition of this fact, the FSF now plans to publish one additional draft before the final text of GPL version 3.

Apparently, the changes since draft 2 include:

  • First-time violators can have their license automatically restored if
    they remedy the problem within thirty days.
  • License compatibility terms have been simplified, with the goal of
    making them easier to understand and administer.
  • Manufacturers who include the software in consumer products must also
    provide installation information for the software along with the
    source. This change provides more narrow focus for requirements that
    were proposed in previous drafts.
  • New patent requirements have been added to prevent distributors from
    colluding with patent holders to provide discriminatory protection
    from patents.

All of the drafting is being done in the open, and you can take a look at or join in the discussion on the FSF's GPLv3 website.

What becomes GPLv3 will have repercussions for the whole computing industry and judging by this press release, it looks like Stallman and friends are looking to prevent another MS-Novell deal.

It's certainly interesting stuff.

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Discussion: FSF release third draft of GPLv3

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