Rhythmbox 0.9.8

Included in GNOME 2.18 is a new gem: Rhythmbox version 0.9.8. This isn't your average bugfix release, either.

Inside the new Rhythmbox, you won't see anything new right away other than album picture support. The real new features are the plugins included: Magnatune and Jamendo.

Magnatude is a music store where you can listen to any song for free. All of the songs are Creative Commons licensed, and are required to have no DRM. After listening to all of the songs you want, you have the option to buy a physical CD, or buy the album as a download. The cool thing about this is the fact that you set your own price. If you think the album quality is extremely good, you can pay up to $18. If you are feeling cheap, you can pay as low as $5 for an album.

Jamendo is very similar to Magnatude. It allows you to listen to any song you want, for free, for as long as you wish. It also has a much larger music library than Mangatude at the moment, totaling 20959 songs at the time of writing. The main difference between Jamendo and Magnatude is that Jamendo's songs are all free for download by BitTorrent. The only disadvantage of this method is that sometimes no one is around to seed your BitTorrent file. But, you are always free to add the songs in Jamendo to your Rhythmbox playlist to listen to whenever.

Rhythmbox 0.9.8

If you were to listen to every song on both Magnatude and Jamendo for 24 hours a day, never repeating a song, it would take over 80 days to hear them all.

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