Installing Google Earth for Linux

Google Earth is an absolutely brilliant application for exploring the earth. In case you haven't seen it or used it, it allows you to zoom around and look at a virtual earth, based on Google's satellite pictures.

You can see these satellite pictures using the web-based Google Maps, but sometimes you might want the better 3D experience of being able to explore using a desktop application.

Thankfully, the kind folks at Google have made a Linux version of the standalone Google Earth application, and it's frighteningly easy to install.

It works best if you've got 3D support enabled in your Linux setup, but it will work without it (albeit slowly).

First of all, head over to the download page, choose Linux and download the .bin file (ignore the file extension and anything you might remember about that type of file).

Once it's downloaded, right-click the file and choose Properties. On the Permissions tab, make sure Is Executable is ticked, or tick all three boxes under the Execute header.

Now simply double-click the file (click Run if you're asked) and follow the easy instructions to install Google Earth. When done you should have an entry in your Applications menu or your K menu and you can use that to start Google Earth.


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Discussion: Installing Google Earth for Linux

  1. mike (guest)

    # Posted on 06 June 2009 at 01:20 AM

    does that work with linux 9.04 ubuntu bc i tryed and i couldnt figure it out also i am really new to linux

    thankx mike

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