Konqueror power tip - split displays

If you thought tabbed file management in Konqueror was good (and it really is brilliant), then this will be a neat discovery.

If you need to work with two different locations at once, whether they be folders - a local and remote copy of something, two web pages or any two resources side-by-side, then you can split your Konqueror window into two so you can see both at a glance, instead of switching tabs constantly.

Head to the Window menu and choose Split View Left/Right or Split View Top/Bottom. Now, just click in one of the new split areas and use the Location bar to browse somewhere else. You can now switch between the panes just by clicking inside them.

Very useful for copying files from one place to another - or if Konqueror is your web browser, for comparing two websites.

Window menu

Konqueror split

Happy New Year!

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