Flash Player 9 for Linux

Adobe have released the final version of Adobe Flash Player 9 for Linux! We've had the beta for a while, and while I didn't experience any problems, it's always good to upgrade to the latest stable version that's out. So, this tutorial will explain to you how to get it installed.

Uninstalling the beta

First of all, if you've got the beta currently installed, it's important that you uninstall the beta version first. Open a terminal (if you don't like the command line, go here for more help). Ubuntu users, please ignore the su - line and prefix the command after that with sudo.

$ su -
[[enter your root password]]
# rm /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so

Installing the final version

Go to this page and choose to download the .tar.gz version. Save it on your desktop. Once you've downloaded that, right click the file and choose Extract Here (or a similar option). Browse into the new folder called install_flash_player_9_linux that will appear.

Close all your browser windows now, as you can't install the Flash Player while a browser is still running.

Open a terminal if you haven't already. It's command time!

Quick diversion for Ubuntu users only: ignore the first command, and prefix the last command with the word sudo, followed by a space. End of diversion.

$ su -
# cd /home/yourusername/Desktop/install_flash_player_9_linux
# ./flashplayer-installer

Now, press Enter to start the install. Press Enter again to confirm you want to continue. Press Enter yet again to confirm you've closed your browsers.

You'll now be asked where to put the file. Don't worry, though, just press Enter to accept the default and it should work.

Press y followed by Enter to confirm the install, and then say n when you're asked to do another installation.

That's it! Now, start your browser and you should be enjoying Flash content! OK, fine, I'll admit, it's a nasty installer but it's great that Adobe have a commitment to Linux and we should all be glad you can enjoy all the Flash content on Linux.

Having problems? If you post a comment, we might be able to help out.


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