Linux tip - have items open on login

In Windows, if you want a particular program to start at login, you drop a shortcut (or the program, or a document) into your Startup folder in the Start Menu > Programs folder.

Well, today's tip will replicate that behaviour under Linux - specifically any Linux distribution using Gnome (we use Ubuntu 6.10 for this example).

Head over to System > Preferences > Sessions on the menu and click the Startup Items tab.

Sessions window

Click Add and you'll be asked for a command. Now if you know a command, you can enter it here, but if you're not sure, here's a couple of things you could do:

gedit filename - open filename in a text editor (useful for to-dos!)
firefox - open in Firefox

If you want to find out how to launch a particular application, then right-click on the Applications menu and choose Edit Menus. Now find an application and double-click it to see the command. Simply copy and paste this command into the add box to have this app open at startup.

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Peter Upfold is a technology enthusiast from the UK. Peter’s interest in Linux stems back to 2003, when curiosity got the better of him and he began using SUSE 9.0. Now he runs Linux Mint 9 on the desktop, runs a CentOS-based web server from home for his personal website and dabbles in all sorts of technology things across the Windows, Mac and open source worlds.

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Discussion: Linux tip - have items open on login

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