KDE tip - make non-KDE apps look native

If you're a KDE user, like I am (don't start a war!), sometimes you want to use an application that isn't part of KDE (like Firefox) instead of its KDE equivalent.

Of course, this is Linux, that's easy to do, but the problem is that non-KDE apps can look really ugly running under KDE. Thankfully, there's a nice easy program that will paint GTK applications (the most common type of graphical application) with your KDE styles and settings. It's called the GTK-Qt Theme Engine. Yeah, I know, not very catchy.

First, check it's not already installed by going to the KDE Control Centre and looking for GTK Styles and Themes under Appearance and Themes. If it's not, let's get installing (if it is, just go to that settings area and configure away!).

Here's how you go about installing it. First, browse to its homepage and grab the Autopackage Binary version. Once that's downloaded, you need to change the permissions on it so that it's executable. Under Konqueror, that means right-click on the file, go to the Permissions tab and tick Is Executable.

Once that's done, double-click the .package file to start the install (type y and press enter if you're asked to download the support code then let it do its stuff).

Follow the nice graphical install program's instructions to install it, then configure your options by going to the KDE Control Centre and going to Appearance and Themes > GTK Styles and Fonts.

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