gNewSense - FSF’s Ubuntu, but 100% free

gNewSense logo is reporting that the Free Software Foundation themselves have launched a new project to build a Linux-based operating system which is 100% free.They are building it from an Ubuntu base (currently the most popular distribution for those of you who don't know) and they will essentially strip out all proprietary components and rebrand it as gNewSense.

Basically, at the moment, while Ubuntu (and Debian, the long-running distro Ubuntu was built from) are pretty much free software, but there are still some proprietary components (particularly drivers) that exist in the software repositories.

Unlike Ubuntu and Debian, gNewSense obviously doesn't ship with any form of a non-free software repository and as far as I can tell, that and the branding are all that differ from standard Ubuntu.

They already have a Live CD available (with an installer just like Ubuntu), so you can download it and give it a spin right away.

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