FOSSwire joins Oratos Network

And now for the big news!

Fellow bloggers and podcasters Chris Van Patten, Jacob Peddicord, Huw Leslie and I have created the Oratos Blog Network, of which FOSSwire is an integral part!

This is great news for not only FOSSwire, but the following media projects as they're joining up to Oratos too!

  • Gizbuzz is a tech, web 2.0, the internet, gadgets and general tech blog. Check out the inital post about Oratos there.
  • FOSSwire - you're here right now! FOSSwire is the place for free and open source software news, tutorials, and everything
  • PodDev is the awesome web development podcast and accompanying blog that's already been going for a while, but now joins Oratos too. Listen out for Episode 4 coming very soon!
  • YouMakeMedia is all about media - new and old, what's going on and how to succeed in media!

Needless to say, this is pretty exciting for everyone involved and you'll be hearing more and more about this, so watch this space for more info!

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Peter Upfold is a technology enthusiast from the UK. Peter’s interest in Linux stems back to 2003, when curiosity got the better of him and he began using SUSE 9.0. Now he runs Linux Mint 9 on the desktop, runs a CentOS-based web server from home for his personal website and dabbles in all sorts of technology things across the Windows, Mac and open source worlds.

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Discussion: FOSSwire joins Oratos Network

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